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Fit & happy employees are more productive. Gymondo offers short, effective workouts & motivating fitness programs suitable for organizations of any size. Let’s work together!  

Aligned with your goals

One in two employees desires a corporate fitness program. Gymondo offers a flexible training concept for employees of all fitness levels. Our workouts can be completed from anywhere, at any time—in groups or individually. 

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Fit & happy employees work harder, work better in teams and are more productive. 

Increased employee productivity.

Fit & happy employees experience less stress & burnout, leading to increased retention.

Increased employee retention.

Fit & happy employees are loyal employees.

Increased employee loyalty. 

Together with Gymondo, we are committed to providing our employees with a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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Petra Carli, HR Department, Social Policy and Corporate Health Management

Whether working full- or part-time, Gymondo’s short, effective workouts can be quickly integrated into everyday life. 

Flexible fitness programs

Employee benefits

Employees can choose from over 20 inspiring fitness programs and 200+ engaging workouts. 

Tailored programs for every fitness goal

With over 1000 recipes, employees will always have a healthy (and delicious) alternative to what’s being served in the cafeteria. 

Customized nutrition plans

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Let’s work together and find the right solution to meet your business needs and help your employees get fit & feel happy.