Employer Advantages

Gymondo is an innovative partner that is available to your employees at all times on the road to a healthier lifestyle. We offer you the all-round package from the ideal training program to nutrition tips. No matter what age or how fit your employees are. With Gymondo everyone will find the right workout whether at home or in the office, whether yoga or cardio, whether old or young. There is something for everyone.

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The ‘War for Talent’ is in full swing. Offer your employees an attractive perk and increase their loyalty by partnering up with Gymondo.

Employee retention and Corporate Identity

Exercise is a key factor to prevent health issues such as back problems or stress-induced diseases like Burn-out. 

Reduction of health problems

It has been proven that employees live healthier lives, have more energy and are less often ill. As a result they are more productive.

Low downtime and higher performance

Together with Gymondo we are committed to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle of our employees.

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Petra Carli, HR Department, Social Policy and Corporate Health Management

Whether working 40 hours a week or part-time, a Gymondo workout can quickly be integrated into everyday life as it lasts on average less than 30 minutes. There are no more excuses. 

High degree of flexibility

Employee Advantages

Choose from a selection of 20 programs and over 200 workouts. You will always find the right workout or be inspired to try something new. 

A variety of programs for every fitness goal

Your cafeteria does not offer the choices you want for your nutrition plan. With over 1000 recipes, you always have a healthy alternative that fits in well with any lunch break.

Personalized nutrition program 

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Contact us now and we will find solutions for your individual needs. We will be happy to assist you through all stages of implementation to create fit & happy employees.